The new trade body created to help and advise the design & build industry on all aspects of environmental hazard survey, testing, management and capability

The building and construction sector is working hard to improve the health of anyone affected by the work that we do. As part of this we recognise that what is in the ground and in older structures is not well understood and can be toxic to people and the environment.
Working collaboratively across the industry and with health professionals, academics and regulators we are seeking proportionate responses to the need to develop brownfield sites and existing building stock with confidence and clearly communicated standards of performance.

EHMA is interested in capability rather than training. Can people do the right thing in the right way? EHMA usually works with partners and training providers to develop consistent industry approved training, web enabled tools and mentoring or direct instruction to build individual and team capability. Capability records are built in big or little steps and can be signed off by supervisors or line managers on the project.
If you provide training or upskilling in any way in this subject area we are interested in hearing from you. Help us to build core learning aims and specialist additional requirements for different parts of industry.
Already an NOCN Centre, a training provider for an institution, industry body or similar? We would love to work with you. Special skills, knowledge and experience you can share? Please get in touch. We value people like you and would love to facilitate collaboration.

Inspection, sampling, survey, testing and reporting is a rapidly changing field. Robotics and electronics are growing in availability. EHMA wants to work with companies and individuals who have safer, healthier and better value ways of working that reduce harm to people on projects and to members of the public. EHMA signposts people to your products and services and asks your advice as subject matter experts in your field.

EHMA also works to help to understand the implications of reports. What are safe exposure limits? How much can these be trusted? What are the implications for development of sites? How does safety, especially in relation to collapse and falls affect survey methods? What happens when there are multiple contaminants? When and what kind of expert is needed and where can they be sourced? Is the ground itself suitable as a structure?.

Removal or leave in place? Sometimes the best solution is not the obvious one. How should harmful substances be treated or removed? How must they be handled? How can waste products be transported? Where can contaminated waste be sent? EHMA works to provide the links between the experts in these fields, allowing clients and other generalists to be able to plan and work out the costs of safe and healthy management and/or removal of health hazards

Training for asbestos management is defined in law. Capability standards for the removal of many other hazardous substances is less well understood – phenols, benzene, lead, arsenic, mineral oil and thousands more. EHMA is working with a wide range of experts to agree what this should look like and to monitor standards as industry moves forward. EHMA is interested in the effect of training and instruction. Can people demonstrate that they can do the right thing in the right way with the right equipment and protections in place?.

Membership is open to a wide range of individuals and groups.

EHMA is especially interested in supporting clients, general professional advisers, designers and contractors at every level. We are also interested in hearing from you if you have a particularly difficult problem where you believe we may be able to help.

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